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Dear C. XXXX, I became a first time home buyer/owner at the end of March 2014 with the much appreciated help of Donna McCallister – Ruzicka. First I want to say that XXX is blessed to have such a wonderful and helpful person. I began in Jan 2014 with an application for a home loan and was lucky to have Donna receive it. She kept me well informed of every single step, my calls, texts, emails and voicemails were all answered quickly. Even when it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to use my VA loan she kept my hopes up. Then an email she sent notifying me my credit score was good enough to take my loan VA was the high point of the year. My family and I thank everyone at XXX and most of all Donna, she never gave up on me. I own a home cause of her hard work.

Samuel Valdez

Hi Donna, I have a question for you to help me understand some of the charges Jim and I had with our new loan. We wound up dealing with an unethical loan officer who did not give us a good faith estimate. When you asked for that I was at a loss, because he gave us nothing. He just said the rate is 4.375 and mentioned nothing about points. It was at the closing that I learned about that. Anyway We also had an origination fee which we knew nothing about Would we have had this fee if we would have gone with XXX It could be called a processing fee. It was about 900. Sorry that I didn’t follow thru with you, because you were very diligent and there would have been no surprises if we had stayed with you. Hopefully, you can answer this for us. Thank you,

Karen Donner

Donna, Thank you for the stellar way you served Mr. and Mrs. Sims. You are an extension of the XXX team and I appreciate you and the way your represented us! Thank you for making a positive difference!

Annette Zimmerman President and CEO XXX Federal Credit Union

It went smoothly! Thank you very much for all your help and hardwork! I can’t express enough my gratitude for your kindness and patience and explaining and guiding me through each process! And for really working extra hard. Above and beyond! I think it was the weekend of July 4th. I do apologize about my confusion with who’s who with the loan- officer vs. processor. I have high regards with your work and concern for clients like me. I was almost hopeless that I will get a loan because of how my situation is– dealing with my ex. But with your help, I got the loan and the house that I like. Again, thank you! If you can forward this to your boss. I would greatly appreciate.

Maria Jacinto

Hey Donna, I just wanted to thank you again for your kind words of encouragement and all the extra push you put in for me. Lee asked me back in June who was I working with, and I told him you. He said you were good and thorough. He was so right! ! Thank you.

Ann Wysner

Donna- the closing went fine.. I know that you did everything you could. I appreciate all of your help in getting loan done. Thank you again for all of your help on making my dream come true. I love my home. Sincerely


Very, very good! It happened so quick that I was able to get half of my stuff moved over this afternoon and evening with help from a couple of friends! Donna, thank you for all of your hard work and guidance getting me here- I appreciate it more than words can say! It’s awesome! Thanks again!


Both of us have heard horror stories in the past from some our friends or co-workers about dealing with lenders and/or the closing process (mainly with the big banks), and working with you, it was 100% opposite of that! Just wanted to pass that along and thanks again. If we have friends or co-workers down the road looking to buy a house, we will definitely mention XXX and you specially. :)


I just wanted to reply to you only and say how much I appreciate your hard work on this one. I have always thought that once you get a tough loan like this closed a loan officer should get a paid vacation, some type of ribbon, and a parade. Unfortunately, you just get to move on to the next loan so… good luck on the next one! Lee Robinson | Real Estate Manager

Lee Robinson, ACFCU Mortgage Services – Main Branch

It’s been a pleasure working with you, albeit email. You’ve been very thorough and approachable. We’ve learned much during this process thanks to your patience. If you can use this email for reference or credit to your professionalism and courtesy, please do. You deserve whatever praise and/or compensation for your hard work. Thank you again

Jackie and Gary

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